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Project Info

Kaelen is a NYC based women’s clothing line created by Kaelen Haworth, selected as 1 of 10 designers of CFDA’S {FASHION INCUBATOR} Class 3.0 The Kaelen collections explore the dichotomies of masculine and feminine, classic and contemporary with an emphasis on subtle detail and textile.

We worked with Kaelen to create two brand books- both physical and digital. The initial brand book was small and pink and was aimed at a cost-effective print run for retailers. The response was so strong that we created a second more enduring hardcover version complete with a clear plexiglass sleeve that would be delivered to select clients and brand partners.

Both books, while classic, tapped into Kaelen’s cheeky, fun brand voice. Layouts are clean, juxtaposing themes of each collection and emphasizing textile and garment details. At the heart of each book, we contrasted the clean spreads with collage style pages printed on pink paper. This section was used introduced the Kaelen story, weaving together images of her inspiration, travels and process.

The goal for the second lookbook was to create a beautiful object that felt sturdy, timeless and quintessentially Kaelen — so our emphasis was on the book cover and case. We needed something equally feminine and masculine, subtle and bold. The cover became timeless: no branding, grey linen and an inset macro photograph. In contrast, we created a more contemporary, and heavy transparent plexi-glass sleeve, with the etched Kaelen logo.