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Project Info

Saucey is the fastest growing alcohol and snack delivery company in the USA. Their technology-led platform allows them to deliver to customers in less than 30 minutes from anywhere in LA, Chicago, Austin and New York City. We guided Saucey through a company-wide rebrand that coincided with their launch into 3 new markets.

The original Saucey branding and content was highly aspirational- filled with glamourous LA party-goers popping bottles. Our discovery phase revealed that there were just as many people using their delivery service for a night in front of the TV as they were for parties. We shifted their brand focus from exclusivity and glamor to speed of delivery, comfort, individuality and freedom of choice.


We developed campaign photography to capture the before, during and after of house parties, netflix binges and late-night work sessions.
"Enjoy like no one is watching."