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The Flower Shop
Art Direction, Branding, Photography

ClientThe Flower Shop


A sold-out line of branded merchandise

Project Info

The Flower Shop became an instant classic when it opened in Manhattan's Lower East Side in 2017. A modern day "Cheers" where skaters and supermodels rub shoulders with finance bros, it remains a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable despite its outrageous popularity. No mean feat for a place without security or doorstaff.

We worked closely with The Flower Shop team from inception through to launch– on naming, visual identity, art direction and website design. So much of the character and charm of The Flower Shop is in the space itself that the branding exercise became one of restraint.

The name is strategically mysterious and has taken on a life of it's own, filled with intrigue, rumour and story-telling opportunities. The visual identity also exists beyond the walls of the establishment through a line of merchandise and brand collaborations. Fun accent pieces like business cards printed on seed packets and novelty coasters complete the package.