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Taylor Steele’s surf films redefined progressive surfing through the 90s and early 2000s, documenting a generation of surfers that revolutionised the sport. Dubbed “The Momentum Generation” these surfers and Taylor’s films are legendary.

Taylor’s long awaited return to surf film directing arrives with a unique concept- four iconic surfers of the “Momentum Generation” are paired with four modern surf icons. Each pair visiting a different location and sharing knowledge, stories, and waves.

Worldwide distribution and releases in theatres meant the branding needed to appeal to a mainstream audience while remaining credible and authentic to surfers. Something not many surf films have achieved. It also needed to be flexible enough to transition from screen to print in the form of a book showcasing the heralded photography of Todd Glaser.

We created a modular visual identity inspired by historic cinema titles. The expanding logo changes depending on it's use case as do the film titles. We designed a 140 page hardcover book with an outer sleeve that tells the story of the film in print form. Like the film, the book is segmented into four parts, each representing a season and a trip undertaken by the surfers.